Message to The Parkersburg Red Tag List! Watch Immediately!

Message to Parkersburg Red Tag List

What does this Even Mean?

Don’t panic! Your house was flagged by a Parkersburg City Code Enforcement Officer who saw some sign of code violations after driving by your house. This does not mean you are going to immediately start getting fines, acquire liens, or have your house taken by the city. This just means that you house is on their radar and they will begin taking some sort of action to remedy the problem, which normally begins with them reaching out to you via mail or phone. This Red Tag List contains all the properties that they feel may be a problem for the city or that already is.

Is This Real?

Due to the large volume of scam calls and emails we get, I’m sure you’re skeptical of me and you’re wondering if this is even real. Yes it is real and I received your property’s address off of the city’s Red Tag List.

Call me at 304-679-7527 and I can help you get to the bottom of what violation they cited on your house. I can also help you get in touch with the right person in the code office if you need their clarification on any issues.

Is This a Scam?

This is not a scam in any way, and I am simply informing you of the situation regarding your property with the intent to help you figure it out. I buy and sell real estate as well as hold rentals and I like to help homeowners like you whether it is by buying their house that is in need of repairs, giving advice on the house, or putting them in touch with other trusted real estate professionals who can help.

Call me at 304-679-7527 and let me help you through the unique situation regarding your property!

How Can I Help You?

I offer different options so I can serve anyone who is looking to sell their home!

  1. I will buy your house out right for cash! Click here for a free online offer within 24 hours!
  2. I will find creative ways to buy your house even if it has no equity, is upside down, behind on payments, or any other number of problems you can think of!
  3. Give you advice and help you find the right contractors, attorneys, realtors, etc to help you with your property, all free of charge!

Why Should You Choose to Work With Me?

  • I’ve helped dozens of home owners in Parkersburg who are just like you! I have experience and the willingness to help!
  • I guarantee I will close on your house if you accept one of my offers! No more worrying about buyers backing out after inspections. I buy in As-Is condition!
  • I require you to do no work to your house! No clean up, no repairs, and the only showing of the house will be to me.
  • No matter the house, we are willing to buy it! That’s something many aren’t willing to do.
  • We’re easy to deal with, fair, honest, and we deliver on our word

Don’t Wait Any Longer! Call or Text Me Now and Let Me Get to Work for You!

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