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Are you looking to get top dollar for your house after doing all the repairs, cleaning, and prep work to get it sold? Then you are best off calling a good realtor and getting to work on your place. But for those of you looking to sell your less than perfect house exactly as it sits now, then pick up the phone and get ahold of us right now! No one in the state makes it quicker or easier than we do to sell your house, no matter how bad of shape it’s in, what kind of legal problems it has, or how far upside down it is. We solve problems for sellers and simplify the process for you!

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Appalachian HomesYour Standard Realtor/Agent
Give you an All-Cash Offer in Less than 24 hours (1 business day)Takes a couple days to tell you what they think your house might sell for
Charges Absolutely No Commissions (saves you 6% of sale price)Charges a commission of 6% of sale price
All closing costs are on us! ($1,000+ value depending on the property)You are responsible for paying closing costs (minimum $1,000 out of your pocket)
Cash in your Pocket in Less Than 30 days after accepting our offerTypically takes over 60 days and can stretch in to multiple months
No Cleaning/Repairs on Your Part!Wants you to clean the property and make repairs before they will list it. After a buyer is found, you will probably be on the hook for even more repairs to meet their personal requests or their lenders requirements.
Buys Properties That Are Upside Down! (worth less than what’s owed on them)Won’t touch properties that are upside down
Free Legal Assistance from Our Legal Team! (We’ll cover up to $1,500 of legal fees to help get your house closed)Expects you to find a lawyer and pay for their help if any problems arise with the closing

With over 100 successful closings under our belt, we’ve been able to help change the lives of lots of people stuck with their unwanted homes. We’ve removed stress from their lives and eased the selling process for 100s of people in 100s of unique situations. With a free online offer in less than 24 hours, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Fill out the form below or call us at 304-679-7527. Thank you for your thought and consideration, and we look forward to the opportunity of serving you through the process of selling your home!

-Bobby, Josh, Jared and the rest of the Team at Appalachian Homes

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My husband and I tried desperately to sell our home and we would either get no call backs or no shows and we live 3hrs away. Fortunately we came across Bobby. Bobby is such a go getter, always keeping in touch with us about the progress and always answering all our calls and texts. We would most definitely recommend Bobby to everyone! He’s a great guy and a straight shooter.

Rad and Marie Lewis