5 Ways Homeowners in Parkersburg Can Get Out of Debt

Do you own a home and are looking to climb out of debt? Working to get out of debt while paying exorbitant interest can be hard to overcome. It’s hard to give up the lifestyle we have become accustomed to and do away with shopping, eating out, and all the other comforts we have grown to love.

Although some lucky people may succeed without a plan, it is very important to create some kind of roadmap to follow during the journey to get out of debt. Here we are going to present you with 5 basic ways that homeowners in Parkersburg can get out of debt. This of course won’t be specific to your situation so try to apply these ideas to your own life.


The first suggestion we have for homeowners in Parkersburg who want to get out of debt is to create an actionable plan. We want you to face the issue head on and identify how much you are spending a month in different areas, how/where you can cut back, and what are the biggest things killing your finances. Create a budget that will propel you to financial success. To succeed at eliminating debt, you need to strictly follow your budget, working towards savings, adjusting as life or economic circumstances change. It’s important to set long and short term goals as these short term goals will act as milestones propelling you to the big goals. Taking strides to control your future should be celebrated; as the old saying goes, people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan. If you don’t take control of your life now, eventually, someone else will.

Cut Back

The second way that homeowners in Parkersburg can begin to get out of debt is by eliminating the unnecessary extras, like magazine subscriptions, streaming services, and phone plans. Although we like these things, maybe we can pick just a few of them or find cheaper ways to accomplish the same thing. For example, instead of stopping at Stoked or Dunkin Donuts every day, maybe you make your own coffee in the morning. If you are a person who eats out every day consider making your own lunch most days. If you can’t stop eating out at restaurants altogether, pencil the expense into your budget and make it a rare occasion, like once a month. Although it can feel like you’re punishing yourself, remember you are doing this to get yourself out of debt and have the freedom in life you have always dreamed of.

Use Shopping Lists

The third way for homeowners in Parkersburg to get out of debt is to endure the discomfort of sticking to their shopping list and ignoring distractors that can derail your budget. Start getting creative and learning how to grocery shop for cheaper. Find ways to buy the same or similar foods for cheaper prices. Use coupons or buy generic foods. This can add up quickly without changing much in your life. Make a financially wise list and stick to it while you’re at the store. Don’t let yourself get drawn into all the temptations that are waiting around each corner.

Freeze Your Credit Cards

If your goal is to get out of debt as a homeowner, you could put an official freeze on your credit cards and live on cash only. Unfortunately, debt is expensive, and it is all too easy to pull out a credit card for an instant solution. The lower your credit score, the more expensive it becomes, much like a snowball effect, between the monthly bills and the events of life that can throw expensive curveballs into the budget, like home repairs or unforeseen emergencies. 

A Direct Sale to Appalachian Homes

Our final suggestion for homeowners in Parkersburg to get out of debt is to sell their house directly to Appalachian Homes and get the money they need without the hefty commissions or closing costs, and hidden fees. You can sell your house directly to Appalachian Homes without worrying about conventional loan approval for your buyers, passing inspections, and paying for costly repairs. Instead, Appalachian Homes buys houses as-is for cash, so the closing is guaranteed and fast. Appalachian Homes wants what is best for you, so our direct buyers will outline how much you could earn through a traditional sale, so you can compare it to our detailed offer, which you’ll agree is fair. Call Appalachian Homes at (304) 679-7527 or send us a message to learn more.

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