Small Town Living: Is It for You?

By Sharon Wagner (10/17/22)

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The stress of living in a city can be detrimental to your mental health. It can increase feelings of anxiety and
depression and lead to burnout. When you move to a small town, you have a higher likelihood of benefiting from
clean air, nature, and fewer people. In fact, most of your activities in a small town occur outdoors. While small-town
living can be a major change, it also holds various benefits.

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Close-Knit Communities
People thrive on social interaction. Without friends, family, and a close social circle, people tend to have a higher
chance of developing dementia, depression, anxiety, and other mental health effects. Close social circles make
people feel safer. Small towns tend to have close-knit communities. In fact, it often feels like everyone knows
everyone. When you arrive in your new town, spend time getting to know the area. Go to the local library, frequent
local shops, and volunteer if necessary to involve yourself in the community.

Many communities have fun, quirky festivals that highlight the town’s personality and feed the community with
entertainment and business. Do not be afraid to act like a tourist at first. Go to different shops, festivals, and events
and enjoy the community. Learn everything you can about the town and how you want to fit into it. Host a
housewarming party and invite your neighbors and other members of the community so they have an opportunity to
meet you and your family.

Less Competition for Businesses
With fewer people and fewer businesses, smaller towns naturally have less competition for small business owners.
Entrepreneurs may have more luck in a small town than they would in a bustling city with multiple similar
businesses. In addition, small businesses have more support from their community when set up in a rural
community. People want more businesses and tend to support the people they know and care about. Small towns
need entrepreneurs to feed the economy.

When starting a business, make sure you have a detailed business plan written out. This plan needs to include your
business idea, marketing strategies, funding needs, and how you’ll structure your business. To get a better idea of
the steps involved, learn how to start a business with ZenBusiness.

Lower Cost of Living
According to experts, living in rural communities may cost you 30% less than living in a city. Housing tends to cost
less per month—West Virginia homes have a median listing price of around $308,000, which is below the national
average. You may find that you receive more for your money. Small towns are more likely to have larger homes
with more property than inside a city where your choices may include various apartments or townhomes.
Additionally, small towns tend to have a lot less traffic. You will not spend your days stuck in traffic, wasting gas
money on your commute.

People tend to stick to a budget more easily in rural communities. After all, you do not have as much access to
expensive restaurants or entertainment. Life is a lot simpler and with simplicity is cost savings. Many small towns
benefit from lower property taxes. Where you live dictates how the government assesses property taxes. Generally,
you can calculate your property tax by multiplying the assessed value of a home by the tax rate.

Moving to a small town can feel like a big change, but it often benefits the person making it. If you need to escape
the hustle and bustle of city life, moving to a small town may be the awesome change you need.

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